What are the good performance of graphite products in the industry?

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Graphite products have a very wide range of applications in industry, and are also the main types of equipment produced by Changrui graphite. In practical applications, the product performance is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

        1. It has the self-lubricating characteristics of graphite, and the wear is very small when used.

   2. The chemical properties are very stable, with good high and low temperature resistance. Under a certain range of high and low temperature environment, the chemical properties of graphite will not change.

   3. Graphite is very plastic, and can meet different needs; and its low density, so it is very convenient for processing and application, can be made into various shapes.

   4. Graphite products have very good electrical conductivity. Although there are some slight differences compared with metal materials with better electrical conductivity, the price is much lower.

   5. Good thermal conductivity:but low coefficient of thermal expansion. The coefficient of thermal expansion is small, which means that even when graphite products encounter sudden temperature changes during use, the volume will not change, and they can withstand dramatic temperature changes.